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Hello Everyone,

Christmas is coming and we have a great range of products that make fabulous gifts for friends and family

Wishing you all a wonderful time over the Christmas holidays :)


CuisineScene New Zealand is proud to support:

 Waikato Breast Cancer Trust





Just like home-made, but we do all the work for you!  The Cuisinescene range of products is handmade using the finest local ingredients.  We only use preservatives when absolutely necessary for safe shelf life and only a few products may contain trace amounts of gluten (noted on product descriptions and labels).

Our  delicious, all-natural, hand-crafted condiments and dressings are made in a small, fully registered kitchen in the Waikato.  The range includes

 We also offer gift packs to suit any special occasion.  These make perfect corporate gifts, great for foodie friends and family too.  We send orders throughout New Zealand using Post Haste couriers, and we offer FREE freight on orders over $50 !

Cuisine Scene welcomes  enquiries regarding our products and services. Please contact us for any further information.


"You must try the Mild Curry Vinaigrette on a salad made with roasted kumara - yum!"   - Kath