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Chutneys and Sauces

Our range of tasty chutneys and preserves are great with meats, cheeses, sandwiches and pizzas. From our popular BLOKE's Smokey Stout Chutney, to our fruity Mango and Ginger Chutney, you will find something to tempt your taste buds!

Licorice Balsamic Drizzle 250ml
Price: $12.50 ea
Size: 250ml
250ml of Licorice happiness. Use our drizzle on sweet or savoury dishes. Use it before, during or after cooking. Perfect drizzled over ice cream, as a marinade for beef or as a dressing for a pumpkin salad.
Smoky Stout Chutney
Price: $10.50 ea
A favourite tomato-based chutney given a twist with a splash of real stout and natural Hickory smoke flavour. Delicious with any meat, or cheese.Note: This product contains malt vinegar so is NOT gluten-free.
Vintage Fruit Chutney
Price: $10.50 ea
Size: 270 g
A traditional tomato-based chutney with lots of spices and fruits added. Perfect with cold meat or with cheese.
BLOKE's Barbeque Sauce
Price: $12.50 ea
Size: 250 mls
Special Price! If you like steaks, chops and sausages, you MUST have Bloke's Barbeque Sauce in your pantry. A modern version of traditional plum sauce, made piquant with the addition of a hint of chilli. Any bloke will love it with meat grilled on the BBQ.
Roast Vegetable Splash
Price: $12.50 ea
Size: 250 ml
This popular product has a hint of chilli, garlic and the subtle flavours of a mix of herbs.Perfect drizzled over any roast vegetable as it comes the oven, and great on salads and on lightly steamed cauliflower and broccoli - it really peps up these vegetables. Use a splash to add flavour to any dish. Note: This product is NOT gluten-free

"That Passionfruit & Lemon Curd is amazing!" - Wendy