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Chutneys and Sauces

Our range of tasty chutneys and preserves are an excellent accompaniment to meals, platters sandwiches, pita pockets and even homemade pizzas.  


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Black Raspberry Vinaigrette Sugar-Free
Price: $0.00 ea
Size: 375ml - Out of Stock
If you cannot have sugar you can still enjoy the sweet things in life. This dressing is made with all the same ingredients as our famous Black Raspberry Vinaigrette, but sweetened with natural Stevia instead of sugar.
Licorice Balsamic Drizzle 250ml
Price: $12.50 ea
Size: 250ml
A licorice fan? Then this is 250ml of Licorice happiness. Cuisinescene Licorice Balsamic Drizzle is a versatile shot of flavour that can be used as a marinade, added while cooking or used as a dressing. Don't forget dessert - just French vanilla ice cream and Licorice.
Pear & Date Chutney
Price: $9.65 ea
Size: 270ml
Absolutely autumn! Cuisinescene Pear & Date Chutney is a lovely rich fruity chutney. Described as rich autumn flavours, this would pair well with frittata, or along side pork, beef or even chicken. Even just a toasted sandwich oozing cheese and chutney!
Smoky Stout Chutney
Price: $9.65 ea
Size: 270 g
A favourite tomato-based chutney with a splash of real stout and a touch of hickory smoke. Suited to barbecued meats but don't hesitate to include this in sandwiches - toasted or fresh. This product contains malt vinegar so is NOT gluten-free.
Vintage Fruit Chutney
Price: $9.65 ea
Size: 270 g
Tomato-based but with fruity flavours thanks to the addition of apples. Perfect with cold meat or with cheese.
BLOKE's Barbeque Sauce
Price: $8.50 ea
Size: 250 mls
A modern version of traditional plum sauce, Cuisinescene Blokes BBQ sauce is, as the name suggests, the perfect partner for your barbecued red meats. A small amount of warmth is provided by a pinch of chilli.
Roast Vegetable Splash
Price: $12.50 ea
Size: 250 ml
This popular and versatile Cuisinescene product, Roast Vegetable Splash combines a hint of Chilli with garlic and subtle flavours of mixed herbs. Lovely drizzled over roasted vegetables or added to freshly cooked broccoli or cauliflower. Can be added to green salads, or try it on a Rroast vegetable and couscous salad. Note: This product is NOT gluten-free

"Wowee !" - a Food Show customer, on tasting the NEW Pomegranate and Ginger Vinaigrette