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Gourmet Products

A variety of dips, spreads and sauces to add a little extra something to your favourite dishes, plus the excellent El Rancho tortillas in flour and pure corn varieties.

Garlic & Chive Aioli
Price: $9.50 ea
This product sells out at every market, and it is on special this week! Mix with sour cream to make a dip, or use as a dressing for your favourite pasta or chicken salad. Add a spoonful to new potatoes; use with seafood, on a chicken sandwich, or with hot wedges. Note: this product contains eggs.
Honey Mustard with Manuka Honey
Price: $9.50 ea
Size: 270 g
Smooth and silky with sweetness of honey and the flavour of freshly ground mustard. What a combination! Wonderful as a glaze for ham, or on the lamb roast with rosemary and garlic, or to marinade pork fillets before cooking. And of course it is fantastic on corned beef or ham sandwiches, or use to make dressings and marinades.
Roast Capsicum Aioli
Price: $9.50 ea
Size: 270mls
A taste sensation! Tangy aioli blended with red pepper puree. Perfect with fish, hot wedges, as a dressing for pasta salad - try it with everything... Note: this product contains egg products.

"We use the Chilli-infused Oil to marinate fat NZ mussels - our customers love the taste - Annette, seafoods supplier