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Gourmet Products

A variety of dips, spreads and sauces to add a little extra something to your favourite dishes, plus the excellent El Rancho tortillas in flour and pure corn varieties.

Damson Jam
Price: $7.50 ea
Size: 190 mls
Damsons are a small, old-fashioned plum which are far too tart to eat raw BUT they make the most delicious, intensely flavoured jams and pastes. Our jam is sweet, but tart. Try it on your toast or a scone, and use with any cheese or alongside meats such as pork or turkey.
Price: $5.95 ea
Size: Capacity 50 mls (4 tbs)
A squeezy, flip-top dressing container, ideal for taking small amounts of your favourite vinaigrette to work to dress lunchtime salads. Made of silicone (no BPAs), no-leak lid, easily washable - so handy!
Fruits Mediterranean
Price: $9.50 ea
Size: 270 g
A mix of dried fruits (apricots, ginger, apples, dates, etc. in a dark, spicy syrup spiked with a cinnamon stick and bay leaf. Wonderful on a cheese board, or chop finely and serve with ice-cream.
Honey Mustard with Manuka Honey
Price: $9.50 ea
Size: 270 g
Smooth and silky as honey with the bite and flavour of freshly ground mustard. What a combination! Wonderful as a glaze for ham, or on the lamb roast with rosemary and garlic, or to marinade pork fillets before cooking. And of course it is fantastic on corned beef or sandwiches or as an ingredient in dressings and marinades.
Moroccan Lemons
Price: $9.00 ea
Size: 270 mls
Fresh lemons are salted, then preserved in oil with spices and herbs. Use only the preserved rind, rinsed and chopped or sliced finely to give aromatic flavours to almost any dish.
Spiced Mandarins
Price: $13.50 ea
Size: 300 mls
Whole mandarins preserved in a spicy syrup. So versatile! Use with festive meats, or with creamy or blue cheeses, add to a cake mix, serve with ice-cream or a cheesebake - you a limited only by your imagination.
Sweet Berry Sauce
Price: $10.50 ea
Size: 250mls
A delicious mix of berries makes this ruby-red sauce invaluable for producing instant desserts. Just drizzle over ice-cream or a cheesecake or pavlova - heavenly! Use to make your own gourmet yoghurt - just add to a plain yoghurt - or add to porridge instead of sugar.

"That Passionfruit & Lemon Curd is amazing!" - Wendy