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A healthy and delicious lunch or breakfast dish, as served at this year’s Waikato Home & Garden Show, with thanks to The Egg Guy ( and

Miel, the cheesemaker at Meyer Gouda Cheese company  (


You will need:

2 or 3 fresh eggs, preferably free-range

A little water

Salt and freshly ground pepper

20—50 gm Meyer Gouda Cheese, Fenugreek flavour (see )

A few leaves of fresh rocket, baby spinach or parsley

Butter and/oil for cooking the omelette

A spoonful (or two) of cuisinescene NZ Vintage Fruit Chutney

Bread or toast to serve



Put a tablespoon of butter plus a little oil into a non-stick pan; heat until the butter is sizzling, but not browned.

While the pan is heating, toast some bread, cut the cheese into small cubes and make up the omelette mixture. Break 2 or 3 eggs into a bowl, add a little (1 dessertspoon at most) cold water and salt and pepper to taste, and  mix quickly with a wire-whisk or fork.

Pour the mixture into the hot pan.  It will start to set around the edges almost immediately.  Using a fork or spatula, push the edges into the centre and tip the pan so that the uncooked egg mixture runs into the space you have created.  Keep doing this until all the egg is just set, and starting to brown underneath.  

Sprinkle the cheese and green leaves over the half of the omelette opposite the pan handle; add a little chutney too.  Then, tipping the pan and using a spatula to help, flip the other half of the omelette over the filling and then slide it out onto a warmed plate.  

Add more chutney on top of the omelette and serve with crunchy bread or toast.  Enjoy !



Fenugreek is an Indian spice often used in curries; its mild, spicy flavour is wonderful with eggs.

Cuisinescene Vintage Fruit Chutney is a traditional tomato chutney enhanced with dried fruit and spices; it goes with just about anything and is really good with this omelette.



"Your Red Pepper Jelly and Aioli are the nicest ones here at the Food Show" - Jean,  at the Auckland Food Show