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Note: This recipe makes a very big bowl of salad; halve the quantities if you are feeding less than 4.

For the dressing

¼ cup  Cuisinescene Black Raspberry Vinaigrette

¼ cup olive or flax seed oil

2 tsp cumin seeds toasted

1 tsp curry powder

Salt to taste

Whisk all the ingredients together and leave aside while making the salad.

For the salad

1 cup currants or dried cranberries

½ cup toasted sesame seed

½ cup toasted pinenuts

1 dessert spoon poppy seeds

1 red capsicum, seeds removed, finely diced

1 green capsicum, seeds removed, finely diced

1 cup Italian chopped parsley

2 cups Stelline* pasta

3 tsp turmeric


1.In a pot whisk in 3 tsp turmeric to cold water, bring to boil and add the  pasta

2. Cook for about 10 minutes, till just tender.

3. Place in a sieve and run cold water over to stop the cooking.  Drain well and place in a

    serving bowl.

4. Gently fold in all the other ingredients.

5. Stir in the dressing, add salt to taste and combine well.

6. Serve at room temperature.  Store any leftovers in the fridge for up to 3 days.


* Stelline is a tiny, star-shaped pasta.  It is very attractive in this salad because some of the poppy seeds will lodge in the centre holes, making the shapes look like little flowers.  If you can’t find it, use riso or another small pasta shape instead. 





"We have been putting the Garlic & Chive Aioli on everything!" - Roo