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CuisineScene products are made by Peplers Fine Foods ( and over time are being merged into the Peplers range.  Please visit our Peplers website to see the up to date selection of both Peplers and CuisineScene products.  The remaining CuisineScene products can still be purchased online from

We still offer food service options for CuisineScene products.  Please contact us to discuss ph 07 826 3838.



Unfortunately, we will no longer have the Cuisinescene Black Raspberry Vinaigrette available. We do the exact same product in our Peplers brand ( ). There have been significant disruptions in our ability to source both our fruit berrires due to adverse weather conditions and wine bottles we use as they are imported from Europe so we have had to make the decision to focus on Peplers going forward. The Peplers Black Raspberry is exactly the same recipe, having both been made in our own kitchen for many years